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The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Traditional

The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Traditional
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    Product Description

    AIT Records is pleased to present The Ethiopian Millennium Collection – Traditional. Journey to the world of the original Ethiopian sound with this adventurous- album, which blends traditional Ethiopian instruments with Western instrumentation. Includes the Masinko, a one-stringed fiddle of horsetail, and the Kirar, a circular stringed wooden box. The result? Unique, enchanting and mysterious melodies that have a wonderfully alluring effect. The backbone of tradition is evident in these recordings by Ethiopia’s most beloved traditional singers and musicians. Enjoy!

    Compilation Producer: Aman Adinew
    Executive Producers: Metasebia Zewde, Michael Adinew and Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Kalem Alamnew - Shambel BelaynehPlay
    2. Menelik - Rahel YohannesPlay
    3. Tey Minew - Woretaw WubetPlay
    4. Dejish Teselifė - Setegn AtanawPlay
    5. Ferait Weyni - Berhane HailePlay
    6. Endėnnesh Endėnnesh - Shambel BelaynehPlay
    7. Ethiopia - Woretaw WubetPlay
    8. Yiwedes Gonder - Rahel YohannesPlay
    9. Gonder - Setegn AtanawPlay
    10. Arheebu - Shambel BelaynehPlay
    11. Arada - Rahel YohannesPlay
    12. Woy Dirė - Woretaw WubetPlay