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Rahel Yohannes :: Menelik

Rahel Yohannes :: Menelik
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    Product Description

    Although Rahel Yohannes is a formidable singer who has performed professionally for more than 20 years, her entrance into the music business was almost by coincidence. As the manager of an Ethiopian restaurant, Rahel would frequently entertain her customers by singing acappella for them. Her patrons began to look forward to her impromptu performances and, one evening, one of these admirers brought the late Ketema Mekonnen – a well-known singer and player of traditional musical instruments – to the restaurant and asked Rahel to join him in a song. She performed the haunting ballad “Tizita,” and a couple of years later released her first album. Since then, she has released nine recordings as a professional singer.

    In addition to being an accomplished entertainer, Rahel is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated various nightclubs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Presently, she entertains ever-growing audiences at the Fasika Restaurant and Nightclub in Addis Ababa.

    Menelik, a tribute to the late emperor of Ethiopia, is Rahel’s tenth album. We at AIT Records have long been admirers of this legendary singer. We are very pleased to have worked with her on this exceptional album and are proud to offer it to our customers worldwide. AIT is also pleased to have reunited with the producer and music arranger of Menelik, Yared Tefera, to whom we were first introduced when he joined the Roha Band for their 1990 North American tour.

    Producer: Yared Tefera and Rahel Yohannes
    Executive Producer: Aman Adinew, Metasebia Zewde and Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Hagerė EthiopiaPlay
    2. LiguazewPlay
    3. TizitaPlay
    4. MushiraPlay
    5. Ye-Wolo LijPlay
    6. MenelikPlay
    7. AradaPlay
    8. Yiwedes GonderPlay
    9. KuratėPlay
    10. Worq AlemėPlay