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The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Chic-Chic-Ka

The Ethiopian Millennium Collection :: Chic-Chic-Ka
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    Product Description

    AIT Records presents The Ethiopian Millennium Collection – Chic-Chic-Ka. An infectious and uniquely Ethiopian rhythm, Chic-Chic-Ka will get you out of your seat and on your feet! This thrilling album gives world music lovers the opportunity to experience the joy and love of life that lives at the heart of Ethiopian music. The country’s most popular singers and musicians have joined together to bring you this unrivaled collection of their greatest recordings, including Mahmoud Ahmed, winner of the 2007 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music, Muluken Mellesse, Neway Debebe, Theodros Tadesse, Hamelmal Abate and Theodros “Afro” Kassahun. Enjoy!

    Compilation Producer: Aman Adinew
    Executive Producers: Metasebia Zewde, Michael Adinew and Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Anchi Bale Gammė – Mahmoud AhmedPlay
    2. Nanu Nanu Ney - Muluken MelessePlay
    3. Awdamet - Hamelmal AbatePlay
    4. Albo - Theodros TadessePlay
    5. Yetikimt Abeba - Neway DebebePlay
    6. Lėbo - Theodros KassahunPlay
    7. Hodė Ba-le-abisho - Hana ShenkutePlay
    8. Ayisemashim - Dawit MellessePlay
    9. Derra & Ye-Selalėwa - Mahmoud AhmedPlay
    10. Litishegnegn New Fikirė - Teshome WoldePlay
    11. Gammė Gammė - Martha AshagariPlay
    12. Lenė Kalesh - Abinet AgonafirPlay
    13. Wushetėn New - Hiruth GirmaPlay