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Abinet Agonafir :: Dibik Wubet

Abinet Agonafir :: Dibik Wubet
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    Product Description

    Abinet Agonafir was born in 1973 in the southeastern Ethiopian city of Awasa, about 270 kilometers from the capital city of Addis Ababa. Abinet or AB, as his friends know him moved to Addis Ababa to go to school. While there, he participated in clubs where he developed his music, poem and short story writing skills. AB received much encouragement from his classmates and teachers, to which he attributes his success. After graduating from high school, he joined the Mestawet music and theater club to further develop his skills. He took up keyboards at that time and played with various bands, including the Hi Fas and Nyala bands. Later, he started singing and also embarked on a career writing music and lyrics for up-and-coming artists. This talent led to his recruitment to perform in various venues throughout the Middle East. While on the road, AB started planning the release of his debut album and began work on the music and lyrics that would bring him closer to fulfilling his dream. That is the story of how this incredible album came to life. AB believes this represents his best work and is eager to share it with the world music audience.

    When asked about his favorite Ethiopian vocalists, AB cites Teshome Mitiku and Aster Aweke among those he most admires. He has also been inspired by the renowned keyboardist and singer, Teshome Assegid.

    You asked for a new artist, new lyrics and new music. AITs answer: Abinet AB Agonafir. We believe in producing and introducing unique and exciting music to our customers and, with this debut album from Abinet Agonafir, we continue that tradition. Enjoy!

    Producers: Elias Melka & Abinet Agonafir
    Executive Producers: Aman Adinew, Metasebia Zewde & Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. HabeshaPlay
    2. Sitalekish Des AlishignPlay
    3. AtirgematPlay
    4. Len kaleshPlay
    5. Agees MehasPlay
    6. Wend LijPlay
    7. Atinafikegn LijPlay
    8. Kezkaza WelafenPlay
    9. Tey TeyPlay
    10. TelahushPlay
    11. EmamiyPlay
    12. EwedishalehuPlay
    13. Miskeen ZemenPlay