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Hirut Girma :: Hiruth

Hirut Girma :: Hiruth
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    Product Description

    Hiruth Girma was born in the northern Ethiopian province of Wollo. After traveling extensively with her parents and residing in many parts of Ethiopia, Hiruth settled in Addis Ababa, where she completed her high school education. Hiruth’s love of music began at an early age, and she became actively involved in singing while in high school. In fact, she received rave reviews when she sang at her own high school graduation ceremony.

    In 1981, Hiruth immigrated to the United States to pursue her musical education at the St. Louis Community College. Since her very first performance as a professional singer at a 1986 wedding in Detroit, Michigan, Hiruth has been entertaining the Ethiopian community throughout North America and has gained enormous popularity in a short period of time. Her gregarious personality has gained her many friends and admirers. Hiruth has shared many concert stages with famous Ethiopian singers, including Tilahun Gessesse, Aster Aweke, Theodros Tadesse and Ephrem Temiru. However, her majestic voice has not been captured in a recording until now, with her self-titled, debut album, Hiruth.

    Hiruth was produced and arranged by the talented and renowned Ethiopian musician, Abegasu Kibrework Shiota. His unique style of music arrangement perfectly compliments Hiruth’s distinctive style and her unbelievably rich, smooth voice.

    AIT Records has been tracking this one-of-a-kind singer for quite some time, and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Hiruth on this, her first recording. We know that you will enjoy it and will share our enthusiasm for this up-and-coming singing sensation.

    Producer: Abegasu Kibrework Shiota
    Executive Producers: Aman Adinew, Metasebia Zewde & Tariku Adinew

    Music Samples
    1. Wushetėn NewPlay
    2. Nefs NehPlay
    3. Wegen ZemedochėnPlay
    4. Be-Aman LidderPlay
    5. AlchilimPlay
    6. Min TayehPlay
    7. Liheed LisededewPlay
    8. Min YilutalPlay
    9. Moochi BelegnPlay
    10. ShimoonmoonPlay
    11. Tamagnaleh AluPlay